Thursday, 5 May 2011

That New 70s Show

It’s always riveting to see how fashion is re-fitted, revamped and revived for new use in a new decade.  This decade sees the revival of the psychedelic 70s.  I was hardly a twinkle in my mom’s puberty-stricken eyes during this time, but I’ve seen pictures - it looked awesome.

With my calendar jam-packed with arts and music festivals, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the key pieces that make up the trend. See the return of flowing sheer blouses, midi and maxi skirts, denim shirts, giant hats, leather, high waists and patterns galore!

Yes, I said denim shirts. DON’T PANIC! I realise denim shirts usually spark up images of people of Walmart, but if worn properly, denim can be your best friend (once again).  Just make sure denim is an accessory to your outfit rather than a base, such as denim shirts worn as light jackets, denim waistcoats or jeans (preferably bellbottoms).  I wouldn’t go far as suggesting you unpack your long denim skirts (don’t…) but the fabric is making a reappearance in its most classic form.

Flowing blouses will be a go-to piece within this wardrobe, easily made feminine with floral patterns or a little more masculine when teamed with denim, waistcoats or belts. Opt for more streamline versions of the maxi or midi skirts to achieve a completely 70s inspired look, fuller skirts may be too 1950s for this look.

Accessorise this look with headbands, leather satchels, brogues and high waisted shorts - which should already make up some of your wardrobe – and enjoy!

Image © Jamie Nelson

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