Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Neons and Neutrals

Spring has sprung and as usual Cape Town’s decided to be fashionably late.  There might still be a chill in the air but that’ll give you just enough time to plan your wardrobe for the summer.  One of the styles I’m very excited about this season is the neon and neutral trend.  This look marries colour blocking with neutral colours and translates into a very elegant style with just a pop of personality.  This trend also happens to be convenient with all the gorgeous neutrals like tan, grey, taupe and beige we’ve been wearing throughout winter needing only to be adjusted to transform into a summer look.


There are a few important rules to keep in mind when wearing this look. Proportion is key to acing this trend as too little neon can leave you feeling a bit bland while too much could transform you into an haute couture highlighter – we’d like to avoid that.  The neon colours are there to show off your personality so feel free to clash your colours for a more exciting look.  For those who find neon a little more daunting, the look can be subtle yet on trend with just a simple accessory or beauty product (lipstick or nail colour). 
The Floru Cambridge Satchel

Christopher Kane
With this trend, it’s also important to find the right shade to make you shine. Neon is not an easy colour to pull off but remember that there are many different shades of neon yellows, pinks, oranges, blues and greens to play around with.  Finally, a great way to soften the harshness of neon is to pair it with soft, floaty silhouettes and sheer fabrics.
Suvi Koponen Photographed by Javier Vallhonrat for Vogue UK

And for all the boys out there, don’t feel left out.  Neon loves you too. . .

Vans' Neon Pack