Monday, 2 May 2011

Fashion 101

To some people fashion is nothing more than a cult that many blindly follow in order to call themselves elitist or chic.  This is understandable as most people with this point of view flick through the fashion channel once in a blue moon only to find stick thin models who could pull potato sacks off as Elie Saab.  Either that or Vivienne Westwood will be showcasing her latest use of toilet brushes as the next big fashionable accessory. (Don’t steal my ideas, Vivienne.) 

Well here’s a short explanation on why us elitists - I mean - fashion conscious people (FCPs) are not completely mad, blindly following some designer who obviously has a mental disorder. 
Through the eyes of an FCP, fashion shows speak to us personally, they describe the zeitgeist through flawlessly structured lines, elegant and fitting fabrics, and designs that perfectly illustrate the season and its moods.  

FCPs realize that fashion is about more than just covering up your body, hiding your large thighs or making sure you fit the dress code.  Fashion is the complete opposite, it’s here to show you off, not hide you – both physically and psychologically. Fashion is only here because we use it to communicate in ways or circumstances that your facebook status or tweet cannot. Yes, it’s that thing our parents used before the internet – personal interaction or something.

Many people, fashion conscious or not, find dressing each day a frustrating process.  Certain clothes make you feel too fat, too boring, too loud and some clothes just make you feel like that tall skinny assistant in the very expensive shoe store isn’t going throw a glance your way (bitch).  The beauty of fashionable outfits is that it doesn’t matter how they make your body look. The splendor of the entire ensemble should be the garment, your body almost doesn’t come into the equation (Yes, I’m being serious).

For example, some girls feel they shouldn’t wear ankle boots because of their build (cankles), however, when the boot is incredibly chic, what observing woman really gives a **** what your ankles look like in them? I mean, just look at those shoes! 

That shirt you’ve decided to wear tonight might be just a little too short to hide your love handles - God forbid people realize you have fat on your body!  However, when that shirt has an amazing print that just exudes who you are, no one’s going to be thinking “Woah, muffin top much?”  All they’ll be wondering is whether or not you’re as interesting as your shirt says you are.  Here’s an example of a shirt I’d wear regardless of what it made my hips do (because let’s face it, they don’t lie).

Available from Diesel Sweeties

Fashion, when used properly, can ensure that how you feel your body looks or compares to others is irrelevant. What you wear each day can be used as a wordless introduction to people.  Fashion gives us the freedom to communicate who we are, what we’re for and what we’re against without having to interact too much – let’s not be completely stone age and talk to people now.

 Suddenly the items that have always been on your “cannot pull off” list are available; your world of fashion has expanded and there are no boundaries, no restrictions and no rules. Well, maybe fewer boundaries, fewer restrictions and fewer rules.  I’m not going to totally bullshit you here.  It is this demand, rather than a mental disorder, that drives designers like Vivienne Westwood to what many may think is utter madness, but in reality is pure genius.

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