Monday, 3 June 2013

Fashion Assistant: Rosa-Safiah Connell

Being a Fashion Assistant is hard work, believe me. Nevertheless, in between the never ending sourcing, planning, schmoozing, physical labour and general miracle-working, you get to experience some fantastic things and accomplish unbelievable feats without anyone ever knowing.

Fashion Assistants world-wide are the silent worker bees of the fashion industry. With a lot of responsibility and stress teamed with little praise and many consequences, few will rise out of the trenches without too many scars but those who do will be able to put their years of learning, experience and creativity to good use.  A hopeful in the painfully glamorous industry is Elle UK's Rosa-Safiah Connell.

Besides being startlingly gorgeous and chic, Rosa worked at Dazed and Confused, writes for Harpers Bazaar and currently works as a Fashion Assistant at Elle UK at the age of 24. The girl seems to be a natural, evident not only by her inherent style but also her understanding and empathy for the everyday battle women of any age and size go through when dressing and shopping.