Friday, 29 April 2011

Why Won't You Love Me?!


Not because you’re the 1 000 000th person to view this site or that you’ve won a random draw earning you loads of money. No, none of that almost-as-good-as-this crap. Congratulations because you’re reading this blog – great decision making on your part.  This blog is filled with loads of interesting stories, views and reviews regarding fashion, beauty and dating.

Well. . . not yet. But it will be, don’t you worry.

This is my first blog post ever and as much as I ‘d love for you all to absolutely adore me, I take comfort in knowing no one knows about it yet, so I can pretty much go where I’d like with this.

So don’t think I’m going to try bribe you, suck up or play the people-pleaser. No. I’m going to write what I want and if you don’t enjoy it, you can go screw yourself!!

Or you could have this apple I brought you and love me?