Monday, 3 June 2013

Fashion Assistant: Rosa-Safiah Connell

Being a Fashion Assistant is hard work, believe me. Nevertheless, in between the never ending sourcing, planning, schmoozing, physical labour and general miracle-working, you get to experience some fantastic things and accomplish unbelievable feats without anyone ever knowing.

Fashion Assistants world-wide are the silent worker bees of the fashion industry. With a lot of responsibility and stress teamed with little praise and many consequences, few will rise out of the trenches without too many scars but those who do will be able to put their years of learning, experience and creativity to good use.  A hopeful in the painfully glamorous industry is Elle UK's Rosa-Safiah Connell.

Besides being startlingly gorgeous and chic, Rosa worked at Dazed and Confused, writes for Harpers Bazaar and currently works as a Fashion Assistant at Elle UK at the age of 24. The girl seems to be a natural, evident not only by her inherent style but also her understanding and empathy for the everyday battle women of any age and size go through when dressing and shopping.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

L'eau La Bouche

Gorgeous editorial in French Revue De Modes #22 shot at the Sea Point Pavilion.

Photographer: Kristian Schuller
Stylist: Peggy Schuller
Hair & Make-up: Janine/GLOSS
Model: Charissa/ICE

Friday, 19 October 2012

Balloons - The Lazy Stylist's Best & Worst Prop.

We've seen them used a thousand times and often very, very badly. They're a quick pop of colour and an obvious indication of the 'cute' fashion story about to proceed but sometimes the more talented among us get it right.

As a lazy stylist (and blogger), here are a few fashion editorials where balloons are used well.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Spring Trend: Paradise Found

White lapel sleeveless shirt $36.64, SheInside; Illesteva Leonard sunglasses $165, net-a-porter;  Le Silla black pumps R4 776,; Tropical mini skirt £14.99, Mango.

Bold, tropical prints and hothouse florals are the second in this series of Spring/Summer 2012 trends.  These bold, primary prints are hitting the South African shores and are a refreshing change from the pastel, micro-floral designs of the last few seasons.

The prints are available in a host of themes, channeling the palm trees of Florida, the hibiscus of Hawaii and of course, the South African sunset,  all available in an array of dark, soft, busy and modest prints to suit your personal style.

Lucky Magazine April 2012

The tropical print is, however, a dangerous one to pull off and comes with a few strict rules. . .

Friday, 27 July 2012

OppiKoppi Sweet Thing Style

OppiKoppi is just around the corner and panic amongst the Koppi-Maagde has started to spread.  Last year, I mentioned all the shit you need for koppi - a styled but practical approach to the festival - which included all the basics you'll need to survive OppiKoppi and still look good.  

OppiKoppi is hard and it's dirty, it's not a wannabe fashion show like some "other" festivals I've been to. However... being a self-proclaimed OppiKoppi Veteran and a local Limpopoeen (Limpopian?), I do have a few secrets for the more daring dressers who'd like not only to add that little bit of style to a dirty festival, but also avoid all the festival trends that just aren't that into you anymore. Here are the Do's and Don'ts for OppiKoppi SweetThing:

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mr Price Online

Yes enticing caption image, it is all about to happen. Mr Price, South Africa's "all-rounder", is now going online.  This means that all of you stuck out in the sticks, car-less or just general haters of other human beings can shop Mr Price fashion - all of Mr Price fashion - from the comfort of your own PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

To some of you this isn't news and I'm sure to many of you this isn't interesting news, but for those of us who absolutely hate the idea of having to communicate with other human beings, online shopping is wonderful.  Even if you don't use the shopping services, you can have a quick look and see what's going on, what's available, what's trendy and just how much damage will be caused to your bank account should you (inevitably) give in.

Mr Price online will deliver anywhere in South Africa for only R35 and for those of us who don't have credit cards (for my own safety, in my case), you have the option of paying via debit card, EFT or even cash on delivery.

Sneak Peak from Mr Price Fashion
Mr Price's online store goes live on the 30th of July (That's next week Monday!) so either get your finances ready or hide them very well, because this is going to get crazy.

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All images: Mr Price
via timeslive