Monday, 16 May 2011

Geek Gone Chic

T shirt design by threadless

The Geek trend is not as strong this season as it was last but the style is still being integrated into our current trends through a more delicate use of accessories.  I have a thing for geeky boys and the modest use of these items help communicate parts of your personality such as intellect, a love of computer games or your complete Harry Potter book collection.

Nerd glasses are still seen being worn by fashion leaders in the streets.  Glassless frames are an easy way to brighten up an outfit or add a touch of personality.  Don’t feel embarrassed wearing glasses that serve no purpose other than to add to your wardrobe, you’re fashion forward, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Briefcase bags are also a great item to have this season. If you’re not too keen on a briefcase bag, remember that any top handle bag fits this trend too. Fill your bag with oodles of lipstick and blush if you’re a poser or stock up on sharp objects in preparation for the zombie apocalypse – they’ll never know.

Mixed prints used to be a faux pas, it was definitely a tip my mom raised me on: “Never wear two different prints in one outfit!”  That rule has been thrown out of the window this season.  Ignorance is bliss, so throw a few patterns together and have fun.

Remember that these trends are just a fragrance to your outfit, don’t overdo it by mixing them all together.  Let your inner geek out and have fun!
P.S. Speaking of being a geek, aren’t these just the coolest fridge magnets? And that’s coming from a BlackBerry addict. . .

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