Wednesday, 25 May 2011

5 Things You Should Stop Wearing

It’s difficult enough trying to figure out what’s still in fashion, what’s going out, what’s a trend and what’s a fad.  Because it can be hard to keep up with all the do’s of the season, here are some don’ts that should help relieve your morning dressing dramas (and my judgemental eyes).

Boob tubes

Boob tubes had their time but it’s over now, so stop it.  There’s no doubt they’re cool, comfortable and easy to wear in summer but the silhouette just isn’t in anymore.  No, it’s not just because it’s winter and you’d be silly to expose your shoulders in this weather.  It’s because the vintage, nostalgic and predominantly wistful feel to the season just doesn’t have room for the unflattering cut. If you are planning on going strapless though, opt for a sweetheart cut instead.

Chandelier Earrings

Don’t be depressed ladies, they had their time and it’ll be back soon, just not right now.  Once again, the silhouette is wrong for the season.  We’re not looking to overindulge this winter, we’re looking to entice.  Less flashy, quirkier earrings like small studs, bold buttons or brooch-like earrings are the more mysterious option for the season.   Think Audrey Hepburn


As I’ve discovered, gloss is a b*tch to wear in Cape Town. With all the wind, your hair is almost guaranteed to stick to your lips and as a woman, I find it surprisingly hard to be suave with a moustache.  Gloss was huge three years ago and beyond, a quick and easy way to glam up a look without much effort or thought.  Now, eh, not so much. Matte matches the maturity of this season’s look so stock up on stains and lipsticks rather than gloss.

Rose Rings

I know, you’re shocked, “Florals are so in right now?!” They are and they’re gorgeous, but the rose ring thing was overdone. I totally fell for it too, they’re adorable and add an awesome splash of colour to your wardrobe but they don’t make the cut this season.  Don’t regret the purchase, they weren’t expensive and can sit at the back of your jewellery box till the next rose revolution.  Here are some rose-alternative options for the diehard fans.

1. Rose Ball Ring – Diva 
2. Summer Cluster Flower Ring – Accessorize 
3.  Flower and Pearl Look Stack Ring– Top Shop (they deliver to South Africa!)

Designer Sunglasses

Branding should never be the main reason behind any purchase.  Just because it says “Guess” or “Hugo Boss” on your sunglasses does not make it a good choice.  Both men and women find themselves being more adventurous with sunglasses and their colours today, opting for cheaper, no-name brands. It’s hard to keep up with the colour trends or your outfit changes when your entire eyewear budget has been blown on one designer pair so stock up with loads of colourful or neutral pairs in different shapes instead.  It’s also great for the forgetful types (one in my bag, one in my car, one at my mom’s, etc. . .)

P.S. Just in case you never got the memo, here are three things that were never in:

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  1. Haha I was definitely a perpetrator of scrunchie crimes waaay back in the day! Something else that was never in that I still see people wearing all. the. time. especially in winter are those awful sleeveless plasticky puffer jacket things *gag*!