Monday, 23 May 2011

Modernized Nostalgia

It’s my first winter in Cape Town and as far as I understand, every day should be like today – overcast, raining, windy and cold.  When I’m engulfed in weather like this my first instinct is to wear gray.  Although gray is an awesome colour that goes with everything, don’t let your winter be colourless.  Colour should be celebrated this winter and it comes to us in a reinvented vintage.  With the world ending, the economy crashing and natural disasters happening every other week, people are yearning for the simplicity of the good ol’ days.

In conjunction with the brilliant people at Pantone, these are my top three colour schemes for this winter: Burnished Nectar, Champagne Royale and Lipstick Topiary.

Burnished Nectar

Pink has been at the top of everyone’s colour list for the past few seasons and it’s not moving down anytime soon.  Windsor Wine, Pink Nectar and Burnished Lilac erupt in memories of my five year old self shuffling around my grandmother’s house in her heels and scarves.  The feminine colours have an elegantly grounded feel to them, making it easy to go girly or be boyish.

Champagne Royale

Gentian Violet, Port Royale and Champagne Beige exude nothing but royalty this winter.  Don’t be fooled by Royal Blue, purple is the imperial colour of the season and it demands the attention of your subjects.  Depending on your personality, dress top to toe in the regal colour or accent with accessories.  Either way, make sure to include your champagne, be it the colour or the drink.

Lipstick Topiary

Garden parties might not be ideal in this kind of weather, but hot tea and biscuits are always in season.  Lipstick Red, Garden Topiary and Gunmetal emanate attitude and are essential for any occasion.  For a safe look, accent a gray outfit with green accessories and a bit of red lipstick or go bold with gray only making an appearance as your jewellery.

Whether you decide to go for colour blocking or subtle accenting, enjoy winter this year with a bit more personality.

Images used for colour palettes sourced from We Heart It.

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