Friday, 13 May 2011


Wedding gowns, every girl’s perfect dress! I’m not a huge wedding person (except for the open bars) but I do know that wedding dresses are traditionally white, there’s a big poofy part at the bottom and lace is almost always involved whether it be delicately applied to the skirt, lavishly to the shoulders or secretly to the underwear. What I’m trying to point out is, wedding dresses aren’t exactly known for their varying styles. 

The Daily Mail reported today that the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress seems to be a copy of Isabella Orsini’s.  Isabella Orsini married Prince Edouard de Linge of Belgium two years ago in a gorgeous Gerald Watelet wedding gown.  The similarities are “startling” according to the article due to the lace appliqué bodice, the full skirt and the long train.  You know, I think they’re on to something here – they’re both white too! AhMaGash.

The dresses are quite similar, no doubt, but you’re not exactly spoilt for choice when deciding on a traditional wedding dress.  White or cream? Veil or no veil? Poofy or fitted? Lace or rhinestones? The lingerie is definitely the most exciting decision to make during the planning.

From the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride Collection

Lace has been and still is a very strong trend, the high-waisted skirt is a must for the season, the long train is an understated version of Princes Diana’s dress and do I really have to explain why both to-be-princesses were wearing tiaras?

Granted, I am surprised that Sarah Burton and her team hadn’t picked up on the similarities while designing the dress but I’ll admit that I much prefer it.  The fitting of Sarah Burton’s wedding dress is much better than Gerald Watelet’s and the buoyancy was much better balanced with the smaller veil and elegant lace.

Isabella was very sweet about the whole matter though, telling Italian magazine Novella 2000 “It means Kate Middelton has good taste.” 

For more images, view the Daily Mail article here


  1. there's only so many designs a princess can wear :) I was surprised to see that Livia Firth copied my wedding dress - she did get married a year later, and yes, we both were making a statement with simple design. I was more fashion forward though - no veil. The fact she knows nothing of me is besides the point.

  2. Hahahaha! I think you should write to the Daily Mail about it, Luba ;)

  3. Open bars? That's nothing. You should see the open car boots at traditional Afrikaans weddings.