Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Movember Madness

This month (November) is fondly known the world over as Movember, the month in which men around the globe grow their moustaches either to raise charity or awareness for men’s health - specifically prostate cancer.  However, Movember is also used as an excuse for men to grow their very own 70’s porn ‘staches while still doing something good for charity.  (Perspective: It’s kind of like the excuse women have to dress like sluts on Halloween.)

This Movember is predicted to be the most ‘well attended’ Movember to date and not because of charitable reasons.  The Moustache has slowly but steadily been spreading over more than just your boyfriend’s face - the ‘stache is a trend.  From homeware and stationary like coasters, paper weights, mugs, glasses and invitations, to fashion including t-shirts, dresses, necklaces, rings and brooches – this revitalised 70’s trend is making its mark everywhere.

Humorous décor, like the moustache, has been said to become more prominent in recent years as a light-hearted attempt at avoiding or ignoring the less-than-cheery economy.  It makes total sense, but why the moustache? 

The Bold Banana on Etsy

This season has been enjoying the rebirth of 70s chic with the return of bellbottoms, headbands, maxi skirts and patterned waistcoats, the boys had to get in there somewhere.  Remember Magnum P.I., Freddie Mercury and your dad’s “secret” porn stash?

Now those are moustaches!

It can’t be denied that the moustache trend is a hipster thing.  Let’s face it, if you don’t own a moustache necklace or sticker, you can’t call yourself a real hipster (gasp!).  But like anything hipster, it was once an original, cool idea that became glorified because of its initially humble popularity.  Don’t let it’s sudden popularity put you off.  Support Movember, support the men in your life.

P.S. If you’re really not into moustaches, just reread this post as a “Christmas Wish-list” for bangersandnash.

Images: WeHeartit

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Neons and Neutrals

Spring has sprung and as usual Cape Town’s decided to be fashionably late.  There might still be a chill in the air but that’ll give you just enough time to plan your wardrobe for the summer.  One of the styles I’m very excited about this season is the neon and neutral trend.  This look marries colour blocking with neutral colours and translates into a very elegant style with just a pop of personality.  This trend also happens to be convenient with all the gorgeous neutrals like tan, grey, taupe and beige we’ve been wearing throughout winter needing only to be adjusted to transform into a summer look.


There are a few important rules to keep in mind when wearing this look. Proportion is key to acing this trend as too little neon can leave you feeling a bit bland while too much could transform you into an haute couture highlighter – we’d like to avoid that.  The neon colours are there to show off your personality so feel free to clash your colours for a more exciting look.  For those who find neon a little more daunting, the look can be subtle yet on trend with just a simple accessory or beauty product (lipstick or nail colour). 
The Floru Cambridge Satchel

Christopher Kane
With this trend, it’s also important to find the right shade to make you shine. Neon is not an easy colour to pull off but remember that there are many different shades of neon yellows, pinks, oranges, blues and greens to play around with.  Finally, a great way to soften the harshness of neon is to pair it with soft, floaty silhouettes and sheer fabrics.
Suvi Koponen Photographed by Javier Vallhonrat for Vogue UK

And for all the boys out there, don’t feel left out.  Neon loves you too. . .

Vans' Neon Pack

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Boy Meets Girl: Andrej Pejic

Models have always been a moot point in the fashion industry, they are either too fat, too skinny, too old or too young.  When you think about it, these poor guys and gals have it hard in an extremely judgemental industry.  The flack comes from both sides too, one being the designers and casting agents who’ll want them younger, taller and thinner while the other side (media, consumers, etc) will accuse them of being too young, too tall and too thin.  The subject is a well discussed and debated one with some countries banning models from runways if their BMI’s are too low.

The latest model to blow the minds of designers, magazines and photographers is Andrej Pejic, an Australian model born in Serbia.  This model is not just acquiring the spotlight because of her perfectly symmetrical face, sculpted cheekbones and chiselled body but also because Andrej Pejic happens to be a man.  Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galiano have been using Andrej on the runway for both their female and male collections.  Andrej has recently featured in and on numerous fashion magazines such as New York Magazine, Dossier, Dazed & Confused and Vogue Australia as well as landing the #98 spot on FHM’s 100 sexiest women.
Follow Magazine#5 Editorial

The fashion world has spent years pushing boundaries with boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as boys and everything in between.  Andrej is a new boundary to be explored and the fashion industry is loving it. 

Personally, I think Andrej is doing a brilliant job of living.  He’s using the industry to his advantage with double the amount of work available to him.  Andrej is also doing a great deed for other men and women who aren’t sure, happy or content with the sex they were born as.  Many could look at Andrej as a pioneer for androgynous men and women who desire to be just as easily accepted.

My only problem with this gorgeous human being has nothing to do with Andrej, my problem is with the designers.  Women have had problems with the ‘ideal’ body type being typecast as tall, skinny hangers for years.  Although some women are naturally like that, many have problems with that specific body type being labelled the only truly beautiful one and I can relate to that.  I don’t know if I praise designers like Galiano (one of my favourites) and Gaultier when their show pieces (Gaultier’s wedding dress for example) are best worn by a man - Andrej.  What does it say about a designer’s ability to dress a woman when the body type he’s displaying it on is that of a breastless, hipless man?
Jean Paul Gaultier's Bride

I completely get the appeal of Andrej, he is strikingly beautiful both as a man and a woman and I definitely wouldn’t say no to an opportunity to photograph his amazing features.  But when exactly did designers stop designing for the female figure?  I’d love to see some of the top female couture designers thrown into a Project Runway challenge where they have to design for women with real figures.  I wonder if they still remember how.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bow Peep

Being 21, I still have the excuse of not yet having to know who I am. During this “discovery” phase (cough, excuse, cough) I find myself experimenting with different looks, styles and moods with regards to fashion.  Although I’ve tested the limits of very many different looks, some of which I wouldn’t like to be reminded of, I have yet to really give in to my girly side.  But with spring on its way, flowers blooming all around and a lovely brand like Bow Peep, now seems like a great time to give my femininity a chance.

Bow Peep has only been around for a few months but owner and designer, Leila Badsha won me over very quickly after meeting her at the Second City Bowl Fashion Market.  Her stand was beautiful and she was extremely friendly and helpful the minute I stopped to have a look.  Although I had decided to spend as little as possible at the market, her earrings caught my eye and I needed a pair.  As someone who is hardly ever indecisive, I battled to make a decision – they were all gorgeous!  With Leila’s help, we eventually decided to settle for the pair that best suited the outfit I was wearing at the time, making my decision a lot easier.  And even though I’m happy to report I have no buyers remorse with regards to the pair I eventually chose, I do still long for the fifteen other pairs I didn’t buy.

How freaking gorgeous are the products?  Finding the Bow Peep stand at the Hope Street Fashion Market was a positive reminder of what perks come along with being a girl. The Bow Peep website is as elegant as the products it showcases as well as being simple and easy to use with shots and prices of each product – ooo, how I love an organised artsy person. Leila also has a blog in which she visually diarises all the beautiful and interesting things that inspire her and her creations.

For more of her products, visit her website or like her facebook page.  If you’d like to get to know Leila a little better, I suggest giving her blog a read.  All images © Leila Badsha and Christine Watters.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hope Street Fashion Market

It’s almost weekend, that wonderful time when we’re all happy to be off work and lazing about . . . until Saturday morning arrives.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent all week dreaming of the weekend only to realise by Saturday morning that you’ve made no plans other than ‘sit on your couch and do nothing.’  Not to worry, I have something awesome for you to do on Saturday!

The Hope Street Market, a market I often go to for mojito marmalade, indulgent chocolates and great coffee, is changing things up this weekend with their Hope Street Fashion Market.  This Saturday will host two vintage inspired labels - Dear Dorothy and Mint.   Both labels will be displaying a host of neo-nostalgic pieces that are reminiscent of the past with their individual modern-melancholic styles.

Dear Dorothy

Both Dear Dorothy and Mint will be displaying their Spring/Summer collections, just what I crave towards the end of winter, a reminder that there’s a (warm) light at the end of the tunnel.  Whether vintage is your vibe or you’re just a vigilante who dabbles in the style, there’ll be loads of fashion goodies and great finds at the market this weekend.  I know my bank balance isn’t looking forward to it, but how many items could I possibly buy. . . right?


Be sure to catch the retro rascals this Saturday at the Hope Street Fashion Market.  Find the facebook event here.

P.S. Don’t actually call them “retro rascals,” I just made that up.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Oh Deer. . .

With spring just around the corner, I’m already fooling myself into thinking I don’t need that extra pair of tights underneath my jeans when I go out (I do, by the way).  I do like to keep hopeful and I’m always looking forward, especially when it comes to fashion and trends.  Prints, as we all (should) know are huge and will continue to be during spring, but another important print trend is the single, bold image.  This kind of print is a single graphic illustration on a t shirt, dress or bag rather than a repeat pattern over the whole area.

These kinds of prints are definitely more subjective as your personality will be the final decider on what kind of print you’d go for.  This could be a favourite band, a poetic word and image, an artsy line drawing, an abstract image or a funny copy.  Because there are so many different personality types, there are a lot of different graphic images out there for each or most markets.  A definite trend image this coming season, however, will be the deer.
Quick Silver

Yeah, I know, kind of arb, but the dear is an image that works nicely with the folksy-hipster trend that’s been making its way through fashion lately.  The sparrow, if you remember, has been a strong image in fashion for a while now appearing in repetitive print, large illustrations, accessories and even tattoos.  This coming season however, I predict that bird to have flown making way for the new ‘it’ animal – the dear old deer.
BetterStayTogether from DaWanda

For the boys too

If picked up quickly enough, this trend should extend into accessories like earrings, pendants and brooches.  Enjoy the quirky trend and please send me any images of deer prints you own or have spotted.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Packing for OppiKoppi

I have been excited about OppiKoppi for months now!  It’s this weekend and hosts quite a few thousand people, loads of great local and international bands and for a weekend I’ll be enjoying the farm heat like I used to back in Limpopo.  Last year was my first OppiKoppi visit and I was lucky enough to have gone with a very experienced OppiKoppian.  He organised coffee, tea and rusks for breakfast, braai-broodjies for lunch and wors rolls for supper – It was a breeze compared to other camps.  However, being a dude, he had no advice for me on packing.  “Jeans, T-shirts and nothing white” isn’t exactly festival fashion advice for the more creative.
While OppiKoppi can be done in style with my packing advice and tips, remember it is a dusty music festival and not a fashion show, so don’t overdo it.  Below is a simple packing list for the weekend along with some fashion and beauty tips.  This list should simplify your packing and possibly leave room for more important festival items, like alcohol!


T-shirts, as my OppiKoppian guide suggested, are definitely a basic you need to bring along.  They’re easy and cool to wear and with the right print you can get your personality across very quickly.  Communicating who you are with t-shirts is a great way to sift through crowds and find like-minded people who will share a drink and a smoke with you.  Three different t-shirts or vests are all you need for the festival.  I know it sounds like too little, but remember you’ll have dresses there too.

You’ll need a warm hoodie to bring along too.  You could go for a jacket or coat, but remember it is a dirty festival.  Don’t bring anything too special that could get ruined.  Hoodies are simple, easy and because they zip open, you can still show off your personality (read: assets) ((read: boobs)).

An oversized sweater, poncho or sweatshirt is also a good idea for the weekend.  It’s a great item to sleep in and can be thrown over a pair of tights to become a simple but cute morning outfit while lazing around the camp site.


A pair of trusty old jeans is a MUST! These should be the wingman jeans, the ones that were always by your side.  Don’t bring you high-fashion skinny jeans that are a little too tight as you’ll be running around or sitting on the floor all the time – crack and tummy spillage is not ideal when you’re trying to look cool. Comfortable and reliable is what you want whether skinny, bootleg, straight or high waisted.

A pair of shorts will also be needed at OppiKoppi.  I know a lot of people live in jeans in any weather, but the heat can get annoying in Limpopo, so bring along a pair that’ll go with anything and once again aren’t too tight or too short – sitting on the grass is a big thing at OppiKoppi.

A skirt is another bottom option for the festival.  Midi or short flowing skirts are great options as they can be cool and keep you feeling feminine.  If you’re more a ‘short skirt’ kinda girl, it’s definitely appreciated by the boys at OppiKoppi. But if you have a “thing” about people seeing your underwear while sitting, maybe avoid the short, tight skirts.


Dresses are an easy option for music festivals in general and require very little thinking, something you’ll thank me for when you’re hungover.  Although maxi dresses are very in at the moment and absolutely beautiful, the camping areas are grassless and dusty.  If you’d prefer to avoid dust/alcohol/bodily fluids on your dress hem, try stick to short or mid-length dresses.


If you have any Y chromosomes, you too feel the way I do about shoes.  DO NOT bring your favourite pair to OppiKoppi! Bring comfortable, old, crappy sneakers that know how to withstand all the elements.  A closed pair of shoes like sneakers, oxfords or brogues are a must at the festival, especially since it starts to get cold at night.

An extra pair of sandals is optional if you’d like to mix things up or feel a little softer in your dresses but it’s not necessary if you’re cool with your trusty kicks.


Accessories should be kept to a minimum at OppiKoppi to save time, prevent loss and because too much jewellery at a music festival can make you look like a douche (someone had to say it).  When it comes to jewellery, pick a ring (or two) and a necklace (or set) that go with all of your chosen clothing items.  A simple ring that you can sleep in is a great idea to avoid misplacing it (I find things mysteriously go missing when you’re intoxicated) while a simple necklace can easily be hung in your tent (hooked through zips or mesh).

If you find you’ve forgotten a pair of sunglasses, you might as well go home.  Besides wetwipes, these are probably the most important item on your packing list.  I wouldn’t suggest bringing your designer brand as sunglasses have a way breaking at OppiKoppi.  Rather have a look around for a cheap pair or two of plastic sunnies to wear all day, every day.

As we all know, showering at OppiKoppi or any festival or camp site, is not usually a pleasurable experience.  Luckily, no one there judges you for the lack of personal hygiene.  Wetwipes and deodorant are great ways to stay “sort-of” fresh during the festival, but another great trick is to wear a hat.  Yup, beanies, fadoras, bowlers, caps, beret’s, whatever your preferred style, hats not only keep the sun off your face but are a great way to disguise your soon-to-be dirty hair.


More underwear and socks than you think you’ll need to bring is definitely advisable.  A change of one or both of these items is a great way to feel cleaner.  Thick black tights are also an important item as they can be used to run around in, sleep in, or worn under jeans to keep you warmer.

Batiste is an amazing product I’ll be bringing along this year.  The dry shampoo comes in an aerosol can (also available in smaller sizes for handbags or purses) and removes or disguises the dirt in your hair.  It’s a great replacement for washing your hair as I find with all the dust in the area, washing your hair at Koppi ends up with you having dirtier hair than when you started! Wet hair + dust = dreadlocks.  Batiste is available at clicks and only costs R54.95. If you’d like a cheat item, talcolm powder works just as well although I wouldn’t suggest it for ladies with dark hair.

Another nice trick for OppiKoppi, one my male guide did not think of, is to paint your nails. I know this sounds silly as they’re bound to chip but remember it’s very dirty.  Chipped, painted nails are way cooler than dirty nails, trust me.

There you go, my girls guide to packing for OppiKoppi.  Obviously, all items you pack should blend easily as it makes mixing and matching one less thing to worry about. If you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Here’s the short version for the list obsessed among us (yeah, I’m one of them):

Packing list

3 T shirts
1 Jeans
1 Shorts
1 Skirt
3 Dresses
1 Pair of Thick Tights
Loads of underwear and socks
1 Pair of Closed Shoes
1 Pair of Sandals
1 Hoodie
1 Pair of Sunglasses
2 Hats
1 Necklace
1 Ring

Enjoy Oppikoppi and remember, packing should be fun, not a chore.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Fitflop: Fashionable Fitness

I have two confessions to make today.  Firstly, when it comes to fashion, I’ll confess that comfort isn’t my first requirement.  Being physically comfortable is definitely an important part of wearing an outfit properly but personally, I find myself happy to go through a little bit of pain for some fashionable-gain.  I never seem to get that same philosophy right with exercise however.  A few hours a week of discomfort (panting, sweating and a tomato-red face) in the gym should equal a lifetime of never having to worry about clothes not fitting.  The theory is fool proof and is hardly a dent on my daily schedule, yet I never seem to make the time for it.

Fitflop™, an English brand, promises to provide consumers with a stylish shoe that is both comfortable and gives your legs (and bum) a good work out.  Here’s where my second confession comes in, I was very sceptical of the promises fit flop made.  Strangely enough, my scepticism had very little to do with their promise of comfort and a reasonably good work out, that all seemed logical and their findings and evidence are quite compelling. The part I was sceptical about was the idea that a ‘work-out while you walk shoe’ could have any hope of being fashionable.

I can honestly say that the brand has blown me and my scepticism away. Their sneakers and boots are to beg for.  The platinum sneakers, my favourite colour in the Suptertone™ Sneaker range, are outrageously self-assured with their bold colour and their thicker-than-usual soles bring about a comforting nostalgia of the 90’s Doc Martin.

Their boots are also a great find with their comfortably-chic look.  The style of the boot doesn’t try to hide the fact that they were made to be comfy and instead uses the overindulgently-cosy look to balance the fashion appeal.

If being pretty wasn’t already enough to sell me on any shoe brand, they are truthfully the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.  I happen to own a pair of both the platinum Supertone™ Sneakers as well as a chocolate brown pair of the Mukluk™ Boots.   My boots have replaced my slippers as the most comfortable footwear in my closet, my feet feel like they’re walking on marshmallows.  The best part is that if I’d like to get out of the house, all I'd need to do is slip my boots over a pair of tights and throw on a cute dress.

My platinum Supertone™ Sneakers were recently put to the test with a pub crawl on Long Street and I’m proud to say they were there for me throughout all the walking, all the alcohol and even all the stupid dancing.  They’re my new wingman.

If you’d like to try a pair of fitflops™ out, the best time to do it would be now. Their 20% off all boots and sneaker sale has started today and lasts until the 28th of August!  If their sale still isn’t enough to convince you to give the brand a try, enter their competition and you could be the proud owner of a pair of Supertone™ Sneakers!  Five pairs of red, white, black or platinum Supertone™ Sneakers are up for grabs and are worth R1 195 each!

Below, feel free to have a look a short fitflop video describing the brand and its benefits.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Vintage Gift: Thrift

One of the many appeals of moving to Cape Town was the fact that I’d be able to find vintage and second-hand stores filled with inexpensive, unique fashion finds that no one else had.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Since moving here though, I’ve found many, many vintage and second hand clothing stores, the only thing missing? “Inexpensive.” 

Don’t get me wrong, the stores are genuine and so are their products, but I don’t have the bank balance that would allow me to pay that kind of money for pre-owned clothes.  Before you get too disheartened and assume you have to be as old as the vintage clothing before you can afford any of them, take a moment to have a look at Thrift. Warning: you’re going to love them.

Corduroy high waist pants (size 28) R120

 Thrift is a Cape Town based vintage clothing label who source, style and sell vintage garments and leather goods.  According to Gabrielle Kannemeyer, Thrift’s owner, the label is all about “Instilling energy and life back into lost and unwanted beautiful things. It’s a nostalgic and sentimental brand loved and worn by the treasure hunters, the dreamers.  We’re about clothing a new generation of old souls who are conscious about constant influx, about excess and overindulgence. “

Alice wearing grey Levi shorts (size 28) R120
Peach wearing rope-tied high waist shorts (size 28 - 30) R120
Polka dot button up shirt R80
Morgan wearing blue Levi shorts (size 30) R120& itsy bitsy crop top R40

Thrift believes that its consumers want beautiful things, not necessarily new things.  Their goal is to help people understand that “Beauty lies wrapped in history, providing inanimate things with a life of their own with the help of some love and imagination.”

Morgan wearing fox fur jacket Price yet to be negotiated (bid)
Alice wearing brown leather fringe waist coat (size large)R250
Peach Wearing faux fur jacket yet to be negotiated (bid)

Not only are their pieces absolutely gorgeous with crop tops, vintage jackets, sunglasses and high-waisted trousers but their prices are student-friendly! 

Mischka wearing crop turquoise knit R120
Morgan wearing weird blue jersey R120
Peach wearing triangle arrowy knit R100

If you’d like to get your hands on some of Thrift’s items, you can find them at the You & Me & Everyone We Know Market during the summer months.  They also sell via appointment and various pop up markets around Cape Town.  They don’t have premises from which to sell their garments from just yet, but keep an eye on their blog or add them on facebook for regular updates and prices.

Happy vintage shopping!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Leggings as pants, run with it.

(just to name a few)

The topic has been under debate for quite some time and I’ve had enough.  Leggings have been back for 6 years now, it’s about time we had some clarification. Women are wearing this trend left, right and centre so there must be something to it.  I’ll admit that I’m not at all anti the trend, but there are rules as with anything in fashion.

I can’t stand any trend, even the strange ones, being slated by people, especially when the majority of slaters have yet to try it and are usually dressed by their mothers.  I’m just saying that unless your mum’s Anna Wintour, I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong.

Trends become trends for a reason, and this one has a leg to stand on.  If you’d like to wear leggings as pants I say go for it! I’d usually much rather be friends with the girl smiling from ear to ear in her leggings and crop tee than the one with the evil grin behind her taking pictures of her ass for her Perez-Hilton-inspired bitching blog anyway.

Because I can’t take the shameless bashing of an important fashion basic in any girls wardrobe, here are some guidelines as to how to wear the trend and its various versions.  The choice to do anything should be an educated one and it’s no different in fashion.

1.   Know Your Terms.

Tights, leggings, stockings, pantyhose, they all mean different things.  The words have become interchangeable through the mixing of terms in different countries, but they’re all very different and donning the wrong item could end up with you showing off a bit more than your toned legs.

Tights are often confused with leggings, I need you to understand that they are NOT leggings. Tights are most commonly related to pantyhose.  They’re a bit thicker and much warmer for winter months, but these are not pants.  Why? Because they’re see-through, they’re made to be see-through.  They were, like pantyhose, designed to be sexy, to reveal the leg without revealing the leg. You’re supposed to see some skin and when you’re wearing any item as pants, the general rule is not to let skin show through.

Leggings! Leggings are the one you go for. In my opinion, these can be worn as pants if you have the right personality (note: personality, not body). Leggings are usually made of cotton and are not designed to show skin.  Lycra or spandex is often added to improve fit and comfort.  The easiest way to discern leggings from tights when shopping is to note that leggings are most commonly footless.

2.  The Opacity Test

Many garments, not just leggings, can be see-through without you knowing it.  How many times have you put on that gorgeous new black top or dress, realised you forgot to do laundry and had numerous photos of yourself and your pretty blue bra up on facebook.  It happens, and as any celebrity will know, you do the flash test first!  Have a friend or a mirror help you out with this one.  Bend over, stand under different lights or take a few test pictures.  Fabric quality is never a guarantee with shops, no matter how shiny its brand name is, so make sure your “Thursday” underwear is not showing through your pants (Yes! I said pants! Take it!).

3.  Body Type

I find that when 6ft tall, stick thin women run around wearing leggings as pants, fewer girls seem to bitch about it.  But give a girl some thighs and phwoar! Watch the mean girls swarm.  You don’t have to be stick thin to wear this trend!  The key to wearing leggings as pants is, just like any other item in your wardrobe, to feel comfortable.  I don’t mean Croc comfortable, don’t wear leggings as an excuse, I mean comfortable enough in your own skin to pull off the look.  If you feel good, you look good, the simplest formula to making you happy.  A woman’s body was made to be gorgeous, so don’t feel bad showing it off if you’d like to.

Like anything though, not everyone can wear every fashion item.  If you have a rather dimply bum or are not comfortable showing off your thighs, the most flattering option would be to wear a dress, skirt or long tee over your leggings.  If you are bottom heavy, darker leggings with a brighter top would balance out your shape.  If you have really skinny legs and a larger upper body, opt for patterned or colourful leggings that level the eyes.

If you’d like to wear leggings as pants, wear leggings as pants!  Not everyone’s a fan but who cares.  I’m not a huge fan of velvet tracksuits, but some girls dig it and some totally rock the look. Fashion can be so expensive, at least be free in what you choose to wear.

If all else fails and you're still a sceptic, just follow this guide:

Friday, 1 July 2011

Think MinkPink

I've found another one! Yep, another Australian brand to make my life happy in winter.  They're called MinkPink and until I visit New York, I think I'll heart them most.  Their free-spirited designs are comfortably chic, totally my mood at the moment.  Gone are the days of squeezing into, pushing up or flattening anything when getting dressed.  Layers, patterns, materials and colours are all you need this season to get your look going.
The fall/winter 2011 collection is a collaboration of cowboys and hippies, a meeting I know I've dreamed of since I was five.  The looks keep festival fashion in mind, bringing about thoughts of Woodstock, Coachella and of course OppiKoppi (If you haven't noticed by now, I'm quite excited for that last one).
I love the use of hats, shearling, patterns, knits and scarves as headbands to add personality to the looks.  Both collections are very laid back in essence but pack a definite punch.  Who could say no to an outfit with "oomph".
Mink Pink can be found at Stuttafords nationwide, making this Australian brand accessible! Yes! Their newer collections have already been released, so if you'd like to get excited for the warmer months coming, check out the upcoming spring/summer collections or improve your current mood with the fall/winter collections. I heart MinkPink.