Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Today is not my kind of day in Cape Town.  It’s wet and cold and windy.  I don’t wanna do anything in weather like this.  The simplest task of walking outside will involve water falling on me, that’s just not natural.

So to brighten up my day, I’m going to completely ignore my windows, put my lights and heater on and pretend it’s sunny and warm.  In celebration of my imagined world, here are some striking sunglasses by the Australian Ksubi Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Look out for their interesting shapes, floral patterns and industrial materials.  I’d wear these creations any day, they’re definitely worthy of giving my wayfarers a well deserved break.

See more from their collection here.

P.S. Ksubi is pronounced "soobie."

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  1. Forget the sunglasses! Sign me up for AWESOME BOOK HAT! ^_^