Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Peculiarly Pretty Parasols

In order to get myself used to the freakish weather in Cape Town (yes, rain in winter is most commonly described as “freakish”), I’ve decided to surrender myself to love.  No, not the squishy boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-boy kind of love.  The fashion kind of love.  No weather in the world will ever make me hate having to get dressed in the morning, so instead I’ll just find myself inspirational pieces that suit the season.

Today I came across these peculiarly pretty parasol skirts by Italian designer Cecilia Felli.  She uses old or used umbrellas to create these quirky items, great for the rainy days in Cape Town.  

The pleats, patterns and palette attract me immediately!  This skirt can also act as a great ice-breaker story for that other kinda squishy love.


  1. those skirts look awesome! & the rain has been quite freakish here in PE aswell!!