Monday, 13 June 2011

Fashionably Freezing - Part II

The next layer on our list of fashionably freezing items is the Jacket.  Yes, jackets are different to coats, they’re smaller and can be used in summer too.  This layer is generally more fashionable as it’s the main showcase to your outfit after you’ve walked in doors and checked your coat.  Three styles are very hot this season, military inspired jackets, blazers and denim jackets.  Jackets don’t need to be as big an investment as coats, cheaper variations are great because that means more options for the season.  I own all three types, but if you’re a sucker for a specific trend, invest wisely and the item could be a staple in your wardrobe for seasons to come.


Military styles are usually brought on by impending conflicts around the world and recently, we haven’t stopped having those.  The trend for the moment however seems to be brought on more for a fight for peace than a support of conflict.  Take a leaf out of Jimi Hendrix’s book and team your military jacket with a peace-loving hippie inspired outfit.  Skinny jeans, headbands and flowing necklaces all contradict the strong lines in a complimentary way.


The blazer’s been going on strong for a while now and I’ve found myself with three or four different colours or styles in my wardrobe.  If you’re new to the blazer trend, opt for a dark gray or black item as it’ll suit most of your wardrobe.  If you’ve been a trooper since last season, I’d suggest looking for some fun new shades to play with in your wardrobe like olive green, royal blue or candyfloss pink.

Avoid double breasted blazers as this look can become too seasonal (wintery) and opt for full length sleeves as these can always be rolled or folded up for a preppier look (Miami Vice) or let down to protect you from the elements.


Coming from a farm, I find this hill-billy-esque look just adorable.  It’s a more structured section of the 70s I find everyone is enjoying this season.  The denim jacket can add so much character to a look and can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out.  Both men and women are enjoying this trend making it the new “boyfriend jean”.

Skirts, smart slacks, dresses, work shirts, t shirts – team it with anything, it’s denim! We all own one or have at one stage, but not all of them suit this current trend.  Look out for a more traditional blue denim or even a stonewash, not so much black or green tones.  If you’re wary of the trend, look for classic comfortable cuts that don’t have too many design details like large buttons or intricate stitching.  Alternatively, give the denim shirt trend a try.

For the more thrifty at heart, mix the styles up with a denim military jacket.  Two for the price of one!

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