Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lola by the Sea

Little needs to be said about this beautiful woman that many don’t already know.  Her abundant curls, big blue eyes and naturally slim figure make her the dream doll for any stylist to dress.  The spontaneous shoot came about one Sunday morning when Gillian Chambers, Lorien Bolus (Lola) and I were all in the mood to make beautiful pictures.

The first shot of the day involved Lorien jumping into an empty tub wearing a wooly wardrobe.  The poor girl was freezing, but you’d never know, she looks cuddly and delighted – good model!  White matched her cool skin tone beautifully and helped enhance the highlights in her eyes and hair.

We decided to keep Lorien’s makeup to a minimum for the second shot, enhancing her natural beauty with a more colourful wardrobe.  The Lilac Chiffon blazer enhanced the rose in her cheeks and lips and the Spring Bouquet necklace I’d found at a flea market not too long ago almost mirrored her big eyes.

This is my favourite shot of the day and was one of the last few looks.  I’d had this feather boa for months and was dying to attach it to some poor models head.  Lorien was my victim for the day and it worked perfectly.   The subtle black-on-black design in the Maya Prass coat worked beautifully with all the textures created by the feathers, rake and shadows.  Black added great contrast to Lorien’s tone, exaggerating her features.

For more images and info on the shoot, read Gillian’s post on GillianDoes and don’t forget to follow Lorien and Gillian on Twitter!

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