Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fashionably Freezing - Part I

Don’t fret people, just because it’s exceptionally unbelievably freaking insanely implausibly toe-curlingly damn cold doesn’t mean we have to dress like the Michelin man to be warm.  I know it sounds crazy, but there are ways to bundle up without bulking up.  This is the first in a series of advice on how to dress stylishly this winter starting from the outside in.

The first and most important step to take this winter is to invest in a good coat.  This will be your staple for the season so make sure it’s a classic shape that suits your body type and goes with and over everything.  Opt for neutral colours like black or charcoal that won’t clash with anything and buy the right size.  Women often freak out having to buy a size or two bigger than usual but your coat needs to go over layers so get over it and do it right.  I promise the check-out lady is looking at the price, not the size.

Coat trends for this season include high collars (fashionable and practical!), military, shearling trims, camel and capes.  Country Road has some great capes in store at the moment, Woolies has gone military mad and shearling trims can be found almost everywhere and on almost anything (loving it on boots).

Because your coat will cover most of your outfit when you’re outdoors, you could become bored or irritated with it, don’t worry – accessories are here for you.  Scarves, beanies, brooches and gloves are a great way to change your coat’s look.  Go el-cheapo on these items, it means more choice and less guilt - guilt that could be better spend on warm croissants and hot chocolate.

Stay tuned for more advice on winter dressing.  Jackets, boots, bottoms, accessories and layering tips coming soon!

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  1. great advice - I need a super fluffy coat right now :)