Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blake Lively for Glamour USA

Very recently, Blake Lively was caught up in a bit of a scandal involving naked self-portrait shots appearing online.  It has yet to be confirmed whether they are or aren’t pictures of the Gossip Girl actress but Leslie Sloane, Lively’s publicist, is claiming that the photos are fake. Lively’s legal team has however requested for some sites to remove the images – why if they’re fake?  Anyway, who cares? Blake Lively or not, whoever it is has a smoking body!

I do have a thing for Blake Lively, naked or not, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and has an innate sense of style.  She’s seen here photographed in the USA Glamour July issue and interviewed by the talented Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine – one of her best friends.  This 23 year old has enjoyed the benefits of a hit tv show, a summer blockbuster with Ryan Reynolds and more recently, a contract with Chanel!  After all of this, she still comes across as a down to earth girl who enjoys her fashion, friends and food.

Blake talks to Florence about their times together, her sense of style and how she doesn’t use a stylist. “…I was told it was time to get [a stylist], I thought: This is one of my favourite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me?”  I totally agree with the up and coming style icon, but I’m still plotting on how to convince her to hire me one day.

Wait, isn’t she dating Leonardo DiCaprio? Scrap everything I just said, I hate her.

Read more of the interview on Glamour’s website.