Monday, 22 August 2011

Oh Deer. . .

With spring just around the corner, I’m already fooling myself into thinking I don’t need that extra pair of tights underneath my jeans when I go out (I do, by the way).  I do like to keep hopeful and I’m always looking forward, especially when it comes to fashion and trends.  Prints, as we all (should) know are huge and will continue to be during spring, but another important print trend is the single, bold image.  This kind of print is a single graphic illustration on a t shirt, dress or bag rather than a repeat pattern over the whole area.

These kinds of prints are definitely more subjective as your personality will be the final decider on what kind of print you’d go for.  This could be a favourite band, a poetic word and image, an artsy line drawing, an abstract image or a funny copy.  Because there are so many different personality types, there are a lot of different graphic images out there for each or most markets.  A definite trend image this coming season, however, will be the deer.
Quick Silver

Yeah, I know, kind of arb, but the dear is an image that works nicely with the folksy-hipster trend that’s been making its way through fashion lately.  The sparrow, if you remember, has been a strong image in fashion for a while now appearing in repetitive print, large illustrations, accessories and even tattoos.  This coming season however, I predict that bird to have flown making way for the new ‘it’ animal – the dear old deer.
BetterStayTogether from DaWanda

For the boys too

If picked up quickly enough, this trend should extend into accessories like earrings, pendants and brooches.  Enjoy the quirky trend and please send me any images of deer prints you own or have spotted.

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