Monday, 29 August 2011

Bow Peep

Being 21, I still have the excuse of not yet having to know who I am. During this “discovery” phase (cough, excuse, cough) I find myself experimenting with different looks, styles and moods with regards to fashion.  Although I’ve tested the limits of very many different looks, some of which I wouldn’t like to be reminded of, I have yet to really give in to my girly side.  But with spring on its way, flowers blooming all around and a lovely brand like Bow Peep, now seems like a great time to give my femininity a chance.

Bow Peep has only been around for a few months but owner and designer, Leila Badsha won me over very quickly after meeting her at the Second City Bowl Fashion Market.  Her stand was beautiful and she was extremely friendly and helpful the minute I stopped to have a look.  Although I had decided to spend as little as possible at the market, her earrings caught my eye and I needed a pair.  As someone who is hardly ever indecisive, I battled to make a decision – they were all gorgeous!  With Leila’s help, we eventually decided to settle for the pair that best suited the outfit I was wearing at the time, making my decision a lot easier.  And even though I’m happy to report I have no buyers remorse with regards to the pair I eventually chose, I do still long for the fifteen other pairs I didn’t buy.

How freaking gorgeous are the products?  Finding the Bow Peep stand at the Hope Street Fashion Market was a positive reminder of what perks come along with being a girl. The Bow Peep website is as elegant as the products it showcases as well as being simple and easy to use with shots and prices of each product – ooo, how I love an organised artsy person. Leila also has a blog in which she visually diarises all the beautiful and interesting things that inspire her and her creations.

For more of her products, visit her website or like her facebook page.  If you’d like to get to know Leila a little better, I suggest giving her blog a read.  All images © Leila Badsha and Christine Watters.

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