Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hope Street Fashion Market

It’s almost weekend, that wonderful time when we’re all happy to be off work and lazing about . . . until Saturday morning arrives.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent all week dreaming of the weekend only to realise by Saturday morning that you’ve made no plans other than ‘sit on your couch and do nothing.’  Not to worry, I have something awesome for you to do on Saturday!

The Hope Street Market, a market I often go to for mojito marmalade, indulgent chocolates and great coffee, is changing things up this weekend with their Hope Street Fashion Market.  This Saturday will host two vintage inspired labels - Dear Dorothy and Mint.   Both labels will be displaying a host of neo-nostalgic pieces that are reminiscent of the past with their individual modern-melancholic styles.

Dear Dorothy

Both Dear Dorothy and Mint will be displaying their Spring/Summer collections, just what I crave towards the end of winter, a reminder that there’s a (warm) light at the end of the tunnel.  Whether vintage is your vibe or you’re just a vigilante who dabbles in the style, there’ll be loads of fashion goodies and great finds at the market this weekend.  I know my bank balance isn’t looking forward to it, but how many items could I possibly buy. . . right?


Be sure to catch the retro rascals this Saturday at the Hope Street Fashion Market.  Find the facebook event here.

P.S. Don’t actually call them “retro rascals,” I just made that up.

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