Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Movember Madness

This month (November) is fondly known the world over as Movember, the month in which men around the globe grow their moustaches either to raise charity or awareness for men’s health - specifically prostate cancer.  However, Movember is also used as an excuse for men to grow their very own 70’s porn ‘staches while still doing something good for charity.  (Perspective: It’s kind of like the excuse women have to dress like sluts on Halloween.)

This Movember is predicted to be the most ‘well attended’ Movember to date and not because of charitable reasons.  The Moustache has slowly but steadily been spreading over more than just your boyfriend’s face - the ‘stache is a trend.  From homeware and stationary like coasters, paper weights, mugs, glasses and invitations, to fashion including t-shirts, dresses, necklaces, rings and brooches – this revitalised 70’s trend is making its mark everywhere.

Humorous d├ęcor, like the moustache, has been said to become more prominent in recent years as a light-hearted attempt at avoiding or ignoring the less-than-cheery economy.  It makes total sense, but why the moustache? 

The Bold Banana on Etsy

This season has been enjoying the rebirth of 70s chic with the return of bellbottoms, headbands, maxi skirts and patterned waistcoats, the boys had to get in there somewhere.  Remember Magnum P.I., Freddie Mercury and your dad’s “secret” porn stash?

Now those are moustaches!

It can’t be denied that the moustache trend is a hipster thing.  Let’s face it, if you don’t own a moustache necklace or sticker, you can’t call yourself a real hipster (gasp!).  But like anything hipster, it was once an original, cool idea that became glorified because of its initially humble popularity.  Don’t let it’s sudden popularity put you off.  Support Movember, support the men in your life.

P.S. If you’re really not into moustaches, just reread this post as a “Christmas Wish-list” for bangersandnash.

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  1. Next year as a difference we get our men to shave clean :)