Friday, 27 July 2012

OppiKoppi Sweet Thing Style

OppiKoppi is just around the corner and panic amongst the Koppi-Maagde has started to spread.  Last year, I mentioned all the shit you need for koppi - a styled but practical approach to the festival - which included all the basics you'll need to survive OppiKoppi and still look good.  

OppiKoppi is hard and it's dirty, it's not a wannabe fashion show like some "other" festivals I've been to. However... being a self-proclaimed OppiKoppi Veteran and a local Limpopoeen (Limpopian?), I do have a few secrets for the more daring dressers who'd like not only to add that little bit of style to a dirty festival, but also avoid all the festival trends that just aren't that into you anymore. Here are the Do's and Don'ts for OppiKoppi SweetThing:

Don't do the Daisy Duke. 

Yeah cut-off denim shorts are 'ruggedly cute' and yeah we all have perfectly firm butt cheeks, but this look is so overdone it actually hurts. It's not the cheek we're complaining about, it's the annoying fraying. Don't be left behind with the tweens this summer. Instead. . .

Shake What Your Local Fashion Store Gave ya

Wear shorts that were cut, sewn and made to be shorts from the very get go. Yeah, those things with hems - It's amazing what technology can do for you nowadays.  Go for high-waist cuts as these suit any figure and are very in-trend.  Voluptuous figures should opt for a tapered leg while the slimmer among us can go crazy with a bit of flare or scalloped hems. And remember, they come in 'short-short' too.

Don't Show off as Much Skin as is Legally Possible.  

Yeah I know, it's a festival, you're in a different province, loads of people you'll never see again, "What happens at 'Koppi. . .", etc. It's a great excuse to let the slut out after such a horrible winter but don't over do it.  We want the vitamin D, not the embarrassing post-koppi facebook photos you'll have to explain at the next family do. Instead. . .

Try Cut-outs

They're huge this Summer and you get to show off loads of skin without having to reveal all the hikkies you'll be getting from yummy front man, [fill in favourite here].  Don't forget to wear sunscreen though, you're guaranteed to get burnt at 'Koppi as is, no need to have a stenciled tan on your skin too.

Don't Hail the Hippie

I'm sure that in another life you almost went to Woodstock, but dont overdose on the hippie look.  Fringed shirts and crocheted vests are so Unkown Brother.  We all know you're here for a festival and we all know you're probably tripping, so you really don't need to wear the costume - it's overdone. Instead. . .

Play Cowboys & Indians

Channel your inner Cowboy or Indian and choose leather (or pleather) tassles and fringes that don't scream "I'm just one more accessory away from Jimi Hendrix's tour bus!"   The cowboy boot may be well over done but there's no need to shy away from leather fringe bags, tassle accessories or a bolo tie.

Don't Cake up your Face

Seriously now, this isn't an option.  If you're not okay with your 'au naturale + necessities' look, you don't belong at OppiKoppi.  Traipsing to the showers at 4am to avoid the queues while slugging along your large case of makeup, hair products and straighteners annoys others and above all, will annoy the ''''''' out of you. Instead. . . 

Keep it Simple

This means a small bag of necessities.  These are a light base or concealer (SPF is a necessity), some bronzer or blush to replenish your natural colouring, a good mascara and an eyebrow pencil.  These four products will keep you at tip top shape without caking you up.  Go for a natural look, less is more and if you'd like to rock out, throw in some lipstick and/or eyeliner to shake things up.

Above all, remember: It's OppiKoppi, people are there for the music, the experience and the alcohol (also see: drugs), not your Festival Fashion debut.  It's dirty, the weather conditions are extreme and you'll lose/break/ruin most of your clothes - so don't break the bank.

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