Monday, 9 July 2012

The Fab, Fab Ciraolo

Judy Garland as Dorothy
Fab Ciraolo, a Chilean illustrator currently living and working in Santiago,  is an artist who creates commonly magnificent pieces inspired by the many icons and images stored in his sponge-like brain.

Frida Kahlo
Fab admits he isn't the biggest fan of reading but loves his visuals, storing everything he sees and mixing the old and new into pleasantly contradictory masterpieces.

Marilyn Monro sans duck face and backward peace sign
Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
Each image in his hipster-esque series seems to follow the formula of a deceased icon dripping in obvious pop culture and many hidden indie gems.  I've spent ages looking at each image and keep returning to the surface with a new hidden treasure - and even these are only the few I recognise or can relate to.

Fab's version of Princess Diana seems to be a big fan of
Brazillian rock band CSS and is quite obviously on
"Team Jacob".

 I find this series refreshingly different - even though it's obviously hipster - as it seems to be made up of the artist's personal history rather than just a regurgitated mass of this centuries "Best of: Pop Culture."  I, for one, would happily have any of these items hanging in my home. (or leaning against the wall atop some "genuine" tomato crates, as is the hipster thing to do)

Pablo Picasso
 Click here for more information on Fab Ciraolo, his work and how to get hold of some of his custom pieces.

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