Friday, 1 July 2011

Think MinkPink

I've found another one! Yep, another Australian brand to make my life happy in winter.  They're called MinkPink and until I visit New York, I think I'll heart them most.  Their free-spirited designs are comfortably chic, totally my mood at the moment.  Gone are the days of squeezing into, pushing up or flattening anything when getting dressed.  Layers, patterns, materials and colours are all you need this season to get your look going.
The fall/winter 2011 collection is a collaboration of cowboys and hippies, a meeting I know I've dreamed of since I was five.  The looks keep festival fashion in mind, bringing about thoughts of Woodstock, Coachella and of course OppiKoppi (If you haven't noticed by now, I'm quite excited for that last one).
I love the use of hats, shearling, patterns, knits and scarves as headbands to add personality to the looks.  Both collections are very laid back in essence but pack a definite punch.  Who could say no to an outfit with "oomph".
Mink Pink can be found at Stuttafords nationwide, making this Australian brand accessible! Yes! Their newer collections have already been released, so if you'd like to get excited for the warmer months coming, check out the upcoming spring/summer collections or improve your current mood with the fall/winter collections. I heart MinkPink.